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Emma Briant

Emma Briant is a member of the Glasgow Media Group in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Glasgow University. In November 2007 she is graduating in MSc Sociology with distinction; her dissertation focussed on a trend towards convergence in Anglo-American propaganda during the War in Afghanistan. The continuation of this study to include the War in Iraq and historical analysis is the core of ongoing PhD work. This is heavily influenced by her past studies in politics, international relations and propaganda. Emma also does undergraduate teaching, and occasional PR or research work. In June 2006 she was invited to present at a NATO Workshop at the Centre for Excellence: Defence Against Terrorism, the paper for which (The Struggle for Influence over Public Opinion within the Media and Information Context of the War on Terror) has recently been published by IOS Press, as a chapter in the book “The Media: The Terrorists’ Battlefield”; part of the NATO Security through Science Series.

Prior to joining Glasgow University Emma completed a BA in International Relations and Politics at Coventry University. In 2003 she moved to Glasgow Caledonian University to complete a Research Masters, awarded in 2004. It involved research examining British and American media management during the Afghanistan conflict. In 2005 she published a review of Mark Curtis’ book ‘Web of Deceit’ on the War and Media Network website, available from: http://www.warandmedia.org/commentary/reviews/review_curtis.html. Her research was also presented at the Political Studies Association Conference in April 2005. The summer of 2005 was a formative time spent travelling in remote parts of Canada and working in the archive of a first nation Indian community there, which has encouraged a need to broaden her interests beyond the academic world in recent years leading to more creative pursuits.