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Kimberly Keck




The wheat grew tall
in the summer of my sixteenth
And was everywhere.
i remained small in body
while my mind grew bigger and expanded.
My house became a palace in egypt
and when i looked outside.. the garage
was a pyramid.
i imagined my father
who had his face in a car to be a worker
labouring to build the goliath structure...
Stone by stone...
The neighborhood
was my kingdom...
The trees were pillars of solid
and the sunlight stained the leaves,
imprinting them with light.
The villagers were beautiful in rainbow cloth.
the fruit was sweet,
no one was a slave in this kingdom,
everyone was happy..
The crops were good that year..
and we loved.

Into the heat

walking out into the blazing sun
the earth choking on it's own breath
she heard the voices
loud and angry
the reptile king was rising
just as he said he would
and reclaim the kingdom
that once belonged to his kind
and would again
ohh sons of adam take thee daughters of eve
by the hand and love them
for if not
surely the serpent will
and the angel was silent


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