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Neil McGregor

I am a musician and writer living in Glasgow, Scotland. Having previously jettisoned an academic career, I have decided to focus all my energy on my creative writing and music. To keep the neo-capitalist wolf from the door I work part-time teaching critical theory and sociological perspectives to despairing business students. I am also working through an Open University English Language and Literature degree.
My work is influenced by many disparate threads of thought and action. I would describe myself, broadly speaking, as Marxist Humanist and believe in DIY, in collaboration, in the beauty of creative art untainted by the instrumental grip of finance, and in the ability and responsibility of literature and art in general to have a progressive benefit for change in people’s lives.
My ambition is to love, live, create, travel and stay happy. I also want to dive headfirst into the belly of the beast. Any artists and believers wanting to get in touch, organise events, or create some havoc through art then bring it on!
Contact: nish.horrorshow@lineone.net