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Georgina Banfield
Soft when day Breaks

Her hands rest on cusp of time.
With ruby-red smile
staring wide-eyed at liberation
not blinking at all imagined
she's at that age…
taut as nipples under cool breezes
she peaks where water ripples and swells
pulling her to daybreak.

Playing along I design her fabric
making room for thoughts of the sea.
Statute in silence twilight separates
bursts of existence touch soft her open heart.

I think in faint sighs
acknowledge the lonely.
She waves where day and reality explore nubile legs
gently blankets young shoulders.

She engages the tangible
with varnished fingers pulls it against rain
that delights and confuses
with mixed feelings approaches
talks an explosion of wonder
cheeks stinging from where stains caress.

Only sleeping she resembles me.
Settling for innocence at my breast
the language of familiar to steady her.
She's mine when strangely delicate.
Awake she thrusts bold
from under short skirts
bangles at wrists singing
tantalising wind
making waves want her again.

I'll stand at a distance.
Pillars support bright-lit pavilions
not crumble at world fascination.






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