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Gary Knapton
Sweet ignorance

She plays with his collected tendrils, tendons & tentacles
She pulls them through his ventricles
A directed cardiac induced feed – perchance
Through his bank balance
Though she drains him slowly
He fool that he is
Blinded by youth & the promise of never can be
Still thinks he’s not worthy
Gladly he lets his love slip through his finger tips
He must know age, youth & wealth
Happy a man make temporarily
Deluded future pauper he
As she flaunts
His attributes adorning hers
Like free sweets
And what sweets they be
Better yet than any he’s tasted
A dip in this confectionary for any sweet tooth
Any to suit her taste
The fool – chaste thinks he
Blinded by suffering ignorance
Gilded by a considerable gold girth
For anyone who can see
All up front is she
The fettered cunt gives it free
Statuesque blond and liberated is she







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