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Stephanie Spiers

Playwright and poet Stephanie Spiers is a Trustee of the charity Rising Brook Writers www.risingbrookwriters.btik.com . 
Her charity work involves taking the joys of creative writing out into the wider community by holding touring workshops for senior citizens groups and publishing resulting books of reminiscence.  Of Irish descent, Steph trained as a journalist in the 1960s.  Her award winning poetic works have been published nationally and internationally.  Her latest play was performed in Perth, Western Australia in 2007 and is on offer from www.comedyplays.co.uk and in 2008 she won the United Press National Poetry Award www.unitedpress.co.uk . She is currently working on putting together a collection spanning the years 1980 to 2008 and is seeking a publisher. Being severely dyslexic she says she hopes her achievements will encourage other dyslexic writers to keep on going.