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Hope Estella Whitmore

I grew up in a small, grey, cobbled town called Kirkby Lonsdale where everyone knew everyone's name. I would wander around the streets and my Mother always knew where I was because the chemist and the newsagent and the grocer and all the other shopkeepers in town would say 'Oh, I just saw your Hope playing on the street'. As I grew up I thought I hated Kirkby Lonsdale. I went to school there and lived there worked there as a waitress at weekends. I couldn't wait to get away.
However, when I left Kirkby Lonsdale to go to University, I missed it terribly. My family moved away from the area and I didn't go back there for three years. When I did go back my hair, which had been blonde had turned a lightish brown, my puppy fat had fallen away and I was two inches taller than I had been. Everyone was still there, just the same, and I went to the newsagents expecting the woman behind the counter to recognise me, but she didn't. No one recognised me.