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Richard Poore
Being Locked up

Being locked up is hell on earth
I started running from home at 8 or 9 got locked up
for trying to kill my stepfather for beating my mom,
things got worse after I was in,
back and forth till 18 I learned nothing
but how to go back I was institutionalized!
And in much trouble had no living skills,
I keep going back trying to survive life on my own.
All screwed up in NY went to prison
for the last time almost well I made it to
Bridgewater maximum security for the
criminally insane unbelievable!
Then I started working on myself learning
how I was going to stay out it did not
happen over night very long process.
I had to relearn everything keeping a room
to live be the first; this was very hard
because I was an Alcoholic, you think it's over?





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