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Zachary Chartkoff
Ache and a C-Note

Playing havoc starts with the first cut. Deep
notes. Deep notes. A sound someone will mistake
as pure need. The way our brief hungers creep
from each other's lips pressed together. Ache
and a C-note in a horn's bell. Deep notes.
You can't tell the difference. A fine earthquake
that says, "come here, my darlin'." In our throats
are all the kisses we will ever make.
Come now. Anguish, like Patsy Cline, walkin'
after midnight; an old movie that creeps
after us. I wish you, friend, that movie.
I wish you that road. Those willows, weepin'
for pure need. And our last kiss that sleeps
in our throat. Come now, darling friend, kiss me.





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