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Melissa Davies
Enchanted Wood

Sylph-like forms fluttering, encircle the trees
marking the entrance to the realm
of dreams.
The fanfare twitter of birds slowly quietens
deeper and deeper into the woods
of peace.
Respecting the sanctity of this enchanted place.

Butterflies in their hundreds flit through the leaves
which rustle enticingly in the half-light;
a tempting frisson.
The voles and woodland mice wrinkle their noses
as they scurry from their dens to inhale the scent
of fresh conditioned greenery.

A fairy, pale and glittering in the ray of sun
shimmering in shards through the sky of trees,
Leading you onward through the forest of intrigue,
allowing the excitement to fill you-
because you believe.

Then you reach a daisy circle in a mystical clearing,
reminding you in a teasing tone of the stories you heard
long ago,
as a child who yearned to explore the hidden worlds
of the innermost woods, amongst the magic, whispering trees-
it only happens if you believe.






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