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Laura Daligan


'Macabre and witchy, womanly and bizarre. I aim to express emotions as powerful visuals in my work.'
Born in Leicester, Laura grew up with a passion for creating. When she was a little girl she was often happiest letting her imagination roam free, creating fairy tales and monsters, all with the help of paints and paper. To this day not much has changed.
A love of books, lyrics, myth and story telling led Laura to specialise in illustration at Falmouth College of Arts. Whilst studying for her degree she began to develop her unique style of visual communication.
After graduating in 2002, Laura moved to the bright lights of London in hope of furthering her creative career. Following several roller-coaster years, Laura is now lucky enough to make a living from her passions; art, illustration, writing, teaching and psychic work.
She currently resides in North London, with her partner and their two mischievous kittens, Cobweb and Star!