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pd Lyons


Originally from the States, Waterbury Ct.  but liking it here for the past ten years in Ireland. Spent a few years before that in Cape Breton,Nova Scotia – great winters there for writing. Travelled a bit, worked alot, raised two wonderful children as well as Morgan, Andalusian, Thoroughbred, Irish Sport, horses in U.S. and Ireland. Have worked as a dishwasher, floor washer, textile mill labourer, construction labourer, pesticide sprayer, fire safety inspector, toy shop manager, women’s shoe shop manager substance abuse,  etc. currently cutting grass in a small mediaeval village in county Westmeath Not much else is new, saw Neil young at Malahide Castle a few weeks back - great concert. Anyway
Stuff published by small mags here and there. Lapwing Belfast is considering another collection.