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Rayla Noel


My earliest works were with sand , wild grass, and postoffice glue ; the first canvas I ever did was on the Lighthouse Curtain < reject , with enamel paints ! Born to a family of five, that lived in ports/beaches, among India’s tribes and tourist haunts ( because of the nature of my fathers job), I was exposed to life at its spontaneous best . Was also hopelessly ambidextrous, stammered, wrote in reverse and spoke that way too right upto College. Music, writing and sketch-painting, were my mates. Growing up, and some great teachers, would show me that my best side was this insatiable appetite for life ; even the need to replicate it, in line, colour, words.
Was born in Mangalore, 1962, majored in Psychology, but eventually followed through with the Broadcast job which had begun as a hobby. Wrote , produced for Radio, Stage / later Human Interest Live, Personality Interviews, Magazine. Involved in professional work with voice, commercials ; even 2 roles in Cause Movies for Screen. It was too stressful and the heart was not in it.
With marriage, came Mumbai, and seventeen extraordinary years: one biological child after seven years, a long illness; later a surprise involvement with Streetkids Mumbai. It was not what I had expected to do, but the experience broke me out of myself, into a whole new dimension to living. It also gifted us two beautiful adoptive kids, the youngest a blind little boy, who teaches us about colour and curiosity.
Also freelanced > short story, mostly humor / poetry and drama. Musicals : contempo dance/ mime.
Back in Bangalore, there’s the dream of opening a Creative Centre for Kids in Crisis < the past year I’ve been working towards that ( had three severely autistic kids who beautifully responded to Oil, handcraft, and the other, simple play ball. ) It’s a daunting task, but shall try, try . In our own way have already begun, with our son Johann.
Also seriously involved with a Poets Group in India and working on two Collections, Ten Short Stories & a Traveller’s Diary that’s turning out to be the most honest thing I’ve ever done, seeing Life’s been pretty dramatic all my life. ..
It’s easier to paint: one can continue to be a recluse. Then again, Life’s too fascinating to miss out on. People, places, everyday heroes, challenges, little triumphs and healing spaces: these are most of the themes that draw me. The past year has also given us the opportunity to use whatever Broadcast taught us*: have the opportunity to Script for and Produce documentaries.
That’s Noel my husband and myself. He has a Sound Studio that’s being updated by a good friend. Hopefully we will capture some true life stories ; its all still a persistent vision.