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Petra Whiteley


Petra Whiteley's poetry has appeared in Osprey, Seven Circle Press (and also in their printed anthology CircleShow vol.1), The Gloom Cupboard, Eviscerator Heaven, Apt, Osprey & Eleutheria, Counterexamplepoetics, Unlikely Stories 2.0, Paraphilia, the Recusant, Fissure, The Plebian Rag, The Clockwise Cat and has been featured in Outside Writers Collective etc... articles on political/current issues, essays on history and methods of poetry & literature movements, current poets and lyricist had appeared & will appear in The Glasgow Review, Osprey, Eviscerator Heaven. More of her poetry is also forthcoming in Full of Crow's September issue, an excerpt of her dystopic novel (work in progress) is to appear in Parahilia. First collection of poetry 'The Nomad's Trail' has been published by Ettrick Forest Press in 2008 and her chapbook 'The Moulding of Seers' has been published by the Shadow Press in 2009. She is currently working on a children's book.