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Natasha Japanwala
lopsided girl

a kiss waits on a blue
and pink spotted bed
i stick my tongue between my palms
to practice, to throw my nerves
into inanimate lips,

don’t judge me
if I am not the perfect fit.

a phone rings and it is silenced
a hopeful tune buried in the tiny coffin
it was born into.

a note waits on a door,
flapping its lined yellow skin
in the post-it
wind. it is crumpled

in my fist a heart stops beating,
and the sky above bleeds me a bit
of rain.
Just for tonight.

Beat down onto my corrugated
iron sheets and yell
into my sleep that i
am alone.


go kiss her lips
she would not dare
to miss you,
ten degrees and i am fine:

a lopsided moment
you would love to forget.




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