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pd Lyons
Poetry From The Edge

maybe if I stayed
paid my dues
drunken disorder
home town wives
possession with intent
liberal arts and all that shit
reading at the button wood tree
slams at the museum
out for macrobiotic afterwards with students and faculty
but I didn't’t

carrying with me every step of the way
bones broke by horses
planes to airports  languages I couldn't’t say
waited all day for you in the grand canary
rode alone  desert near Giza
stranded in Aswan after ships curfew
walking frozen January rivers in Hamburg
drove 14 hours straight as far as I could go to end up in Ohio
waited  hours at Mamoons for someone named for angels never showed
stood alone on street corners 3am waiting on a bag of coke

hope you’re doing well
having a wonderful time glad I’m still here.


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