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Charlotte Ghiorse


A symbol of the American dream, the 70’s hot rod, is the focus of this first run silkscreen print series. The Hot Rod became the focal point, because it is all about sex and power. The chandelier added some warmth; the snowflake pushes us in the direction of romance. This series of prints came about through Ghiorse’s last series of paintings called, "Fast & Cheap," which was created entirely on found plywood, paper, and found art supplies. The prints were born out of the need to create something "fast & cheap"—they are inexpensive to create and equally not high in price to purchase. Pop Art. Born in 1965, Ghiorse holds a BFA in painting, 1992(cum laud), recently acquired by the New York State Museum’s Permanent Collection, she is also a part of the permanent collection of Lisa De Kooning. Ghiorse recently showed at the Chinese American Arts Council in Dec 2009. Go see charlotteg.com.