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Jonathan Mackenzie


I consider myself to be an old fashioned poet for a modern age. I work almost exclusively in metred verse simply because I adore the euphonious rhythmic quality it provides.
I am as likely to write on the age old theme of love as I am to compose a sonnet about e-mail, a triolet about jellyfish or a villanelle about the wombles. I simply adore formal poetry and believe it should be given more respect by those who govern the publishing of modern poetry books and wonder why their books are not selling very many copies. I believe that giving more respect to formal verse IS the answer. Furthermore, it might encourage more people to master form which I believe is essential in order to write free verse.
I am currently working on a collection entitled Free Verse is an Oxymoron (Formal verse is tautology) which no doubt I will have to publish myself but I am happy to do so because it is not aimed at an academic market - the intention is to sell books! I have completed my first script which I hope to sell as a radio play in 2009 and recently I set up a group on myspace called The Poetry Academy - a forum for writers of all abilities I also provide poetry workshops for beginners on my blog plus feature examples of various formal styles.