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Ashley Bovan

Dylan knocked on my door,
Hey man, I’ve read y’ words,
maybe we could work together?
Yeah, great, err, but, Bob,
I mean, you’re joking, right?

Actually, I’m feeling guilty –
I haven’t listened to Bob’s lyrics
since Blonde on Blonde.

Fancy going for a pint – my treat?
We trek to The Allensbank –
but both glasses are ˝-inch short of the top –
I feel I ought to complain – for Bob’s sake.
But Bob’s bemused, he doesn’t care, he’s distracted
by local personalities, alternate realities,
not Trading Standards discrepancies.
(Hah! That’s superstars for you!)

Bob, take what you want – OK?
I mean, this is a dream, right?
(Sorry, just needed to boost my confidence.
No harm done.)



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