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Rex Cox
The Sense Of Image Of Elvis In The '70s

And the mortal remains
Of Elvis Presley in his casket
With rumoured applications
Of mortician's wax-

Yet Elvis Presley only
A few years before
In an armchair-

Attempting astral projections-

With an exaggerated
Sense of a need
Of supplication
To someone-

While possibly
Reminiscing back
To his contact
With the pre-Watergate
Nixon Administration:

Revealing to Nixon
In the Oval Office-

His opinion
Of the hippie
Drug culture,
And the Beatles:

Plus tax...

And to be sure-

The image of Elvis
In the '70s:

Along with Las Vegas,
And his constant cross-country,
And seemingly endless tours:

Elvis wasn't from Mars-

Elvis was a rock and roll star.



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