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Kasandra Larsen
Storm in a small boat

Those who restrain desire
do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained.

-- William Blake
Yes, love, but you were drowning when I came for you,
These hard waves starving you of kisses. Do not speak:
In darkness there are better things for lips to do.
Though my rhythmic need, this rocking has left you weak,
My tongue must trace you again, linger on your chest,
Taste starlight as it falls across your thighs.  Not far
From safety, this wild wind will pass, these swells will rest
And I will join the sirens once again; my heart
Will break, but first must beat inside your very skin.
Here on this heaving ocean, close to breaking day,
My cries now those of gulls, pulling all of you in,
I shudder.  Know that I will push your boat away.
Laden with longing, I am exiled to this sea,
This passion that breaks me, this love that sets you free.



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